Published Work



Stranger and the Green Gloves (Prime Number Magazine)

The Fortune Teller (Blueshift Journal Winter 2015)

Ghosht Korma (SmokeLong Quarterly)

Sprinklers (Cooper Street)

What might come after you, Hunger (Rathalla Review)

It rained that day (BlueStem Magazine)

Susie’s Boyfriends (Catch and Release – Columbia journal of Art and Literature Online)

round, hands (The Sonder Review)

frozen, spinning in imaginary circles (Unbroken)

naked, confess another sin, this remains undone (Limestone Journal)

A flat note (Carbon Culture Review)

Along the edge of the fading light, Trick or treat, third time in the day (Compose Journal)

As if he heard me, Certain yet soft as the sky (Juked)

Beautiful beyond understanding (Vine Leaves Literary Journal)

A small gap between a bed and a wall (Devil’s Lake)

2H, The Punishing Morning Air (KAIROS Journal)

Anatomical (Necessary Fiction)

Saying Yes, No longer alive or angry, An unrestricted breath  (Visceral Brooklyn)

A surprising frailty, White Noise, Resemblance (Whiskey paper)

The dead bird, The endless rivalry (New South, Nominated for Best Small Fictions, 2017)

Haunted Objects (Star82 Review)

Bikini Wax (Lunch Ticket)

Exchange Student, We’re waiting to hear our names (Mojo, Mikrokosmos Journal)

Clueless (Yalobusha Review)

A silent sigh (Noble/Gas Qtrly)

Before (Cease, Cows)

Waiting for the door to close on us (bOINK)

Cutting my daughter’s hair (Menacing Hedge)

Unborn (Matchbook Lit)

The moons of Jupiter (Rappahannock Review)

Lack of Ambiguity (Burnt Pine Magazine, Nominated for Best Small Fictions 2018)

The distance between us, A dotted line (Bodega)

The dirt beneath her plants (Cleaver Magazine)

Subsong (The MondeGreen)

In its entire splendor (Vestal Review, Nominated for Pushcart, Best of the net 2018, Best Small Fictions 2018)

What if, Coal (Blue Fifth Review)

Measurable Hours (Literary Orphans)

Roads in a Map (Spilled Milk)

The vaulting bodies are birds (Flash Frontier)

Hospice (The Temz Review, Nominated for VERA Award)

Cubes (Wigleaf)

The sea within (Jellyfish Review)

Whatever Remains (Tin House Online)

Spin (The Cincinnati Review miCRo)

Whiteout (Reservoir)

The Undecided Colors (Lost Balloon)

Mumtaz in Burhanpur (Bat City Review Short Prose Contest Finalist)

A castle in the clouds (Superstition Review)

Produce Isle (Ink In Thirds)

Sandalwood Remains (Gordon Square Review)

Reptiles, A closed circuit (Hot Metal Bridge)

A nice shade of green (Longleaf Review)

Snowstorm (Atticus Review)

Solstice (Spry Literary)

Between not much and nothing (Pidgeonholes)

Feeding Time (OKAY Donkey)

  Bubblegum (X R A Y Lit)

Nine Openings (Squalorly)

No Business Being Spectacular (Upcoming New Flash Fiction Review)

A Thousand Eyes (Upcoming PANK)

Bird Bones (Upcoming Gone Lawn)

Crust, I carry everything that belongs to her (Upcoming Cosmonauts Avenue)

Piecing (Upcoming TriQuarterly)

Ghost walk (Upcoming BARNHOUSE)



the woman in a busy bazaar (FlapperHouse #5)

the strange absence of memory (Dewpoint Literary Journal)

Smell, Chrysalis Unraveled (Redactions – Poetry, Poetics & Prose)

the shrinking circle (Isthmus Journal)

Hair (Bop Dead City, Nominated for Pushcart Prize)

Body language (Avalon Literary Review)

Her face at the edge of the window (Chiron Review)

Too big to carry (New Plains Review)

Acid of Curiosity, My fling with Kalpana (Parcel)

The rooms beyond the garage (Soliloquies)

On the Ghats of Ganges in Banaras (Storm Cellar)

20 mph (Moon City Review, Nominated for Best Small Fictions 2018)

A permanent Comma (SAND)

Poison Damsels in Rajaji’s Harem, 1673 (The Tishman Review)

Milk (The Minnesota Review)

No Man’s Land (Gargoyle #68)

All the space in my eyes (Yemassee)

The Train, New Beginnings (Slice)

Something alien to me, Egress, Misguided (Upcoming 2 Bridges Review)



Bending Signs, Complex Number (Blue Bonnet Review)

Two Poems (Jersey Devil Press)

Scales (Red Fez)

Spate (2 Bridges Review)

In the years to come, A beach house poem (Bitterzoet Magazine)

Each Hour A Song (Rogue Agent)

The myth of being alive, Departure/Arrival, A season of rain (The Writing Disorder)

Wake (Forage)

A song thin as Rain (Isacoustic)

Voice inside the closet, the length of our wishes, birth (Rabid Oak)


The Hispanic at the 7-11 (Bop Dead City)

New Betrayals (San Pedro River Review)

The shape of Earth,quickly (The Healing Muse)

Normal (Hayden’s Ferry Review)

Flawed (Moon City Review)

Empty bowls and plates (Common Ground Review)

In the lingerie posters (Door Is A Jar)