Tara Isabel Zambrano moved from India to the United States two decades ago. She works as a semiconductor chip designer. During the day when she’s not debugging simulations or faulty circuits in the lab, she’s either reading books, writing stories or staring at others, not necessarily in that order.

In the recent past, Tara has served as a hospice volunteer. She also holds an instrument rating for single engine aircraft.

Tara is the author of Death, Desire And Other Destinations, a full-length flash-fiction collection from OKAY Donkey Press. Her work has won the first prize in The Southampton Review Short Short Fiction Contest 2019, been a Finalist in Bat City Review 2018 Short Prose Contest. Her stories have been nominated for The Best of the Net, The Best of Small Fictions and The Pushcart.

Tara lives in Texas with her husband and two kids.